Best Ice Cream Ever!

The family and I always make sure we stop in for Rosco’s FAMOUS Ice Cream on the way back from Port Macquarie or the Gold Coast. My son would never forgive me if we didn’t stop by Coolongolook on the way home! Best Ice Cream we’ve tasted..

Dean Mackin – Super Radio Network Talkback Host

The kids (and that includes hubby) don’t consider the weekend complete until we have completed what is now our ritualistic consumption of this wonderful product. Our whole family just LOVES Rosco’s Ice Cream
Melinda Wells, Coolongolook, NSW
Our freezer is always stocked with Rossco’s Ice Creams and I must admit that I enjoy them every bit as much as the kids do.
Ian McLelland, Forster, NSW
We make our bi-weekly trip down to Newcastle and always stop by to replenish our stocks of Rossco’s magnificent products. The freezer in my husband’s “man cave” is choc-o-block with them. They are absolutely delicious!
Eileen Merewether, Nabiac, NSW
Love your work Wayne! I did some work for Rossco’s Ice Creams a little while ago and Wayne was kind enough to supply me with quite a few “samples” while I was doing the job. Needless to say I have been back several times on the way to fishing with the lads to stock up on these highly addictive treats! They taste bloody great!
Jordan Petrovsky, Taree, NSW
We first sampled Rossco’s Ice Cream products at a music Festival last year. We are great country music fans and as good as the festival was… in fact, it was brilliant, the ice cream my wife and I had left such a lasting impression that we decided to buy a few boxes worth to treat the grand kids when they come over. Their products are outstanding and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Thanks Rosco’s!
Karen Metcalfe, Forster, NSW
We were googling about to bulk buy some food and miscellaneous items for a fete we were having as a fundraiser for our junior Rugby League team and we came across Rossco’s. I work not far from Coolongolook so gave them a try. Word spread on the day and we sold out of their 10 boxes worth in about 40 minutes and people kept coming back for more. We have since ordered more for our personal consumption but you can bet that we’ll be back for more when we do our next fete later this year.
Nathan Helton, Maitland, NSW
I do a bit of fishing off the back of a mates property up Coolongolook way and I quite often stop by to get a few of Rosco’s Sundaes on the way home. They really hit the spot and the kids look forward to me bringing them home of a Sunday afternoon. It’s fast becoming a habit.
Mal Baird, Tuncurry, NSW
Rosco’s Yoghurt is absolutely my favourite indulgence. I make sure we have a stack of these in the freezer at home and have been LOVING these for a couple of years now, ever since my mum put me onto them when we were over at her place for a birthday BBQ. They are now an essential part of my weekend. They are truly lovely and I would recommend them to everybody who loves a quality product and who loves to support local business!
Jessica Templeton, Minimbah, NSW
G’day. I am an owner driver interstate truckie and learned about Rosco’s over the CB a couple of years back when heading south on a run back from Brisbane. The lads were right… these things are just beautiful. My favourite in the Chocolate Sundae and my wife loves their various yoghurt products so I quite often buy a box or two whenever I am heading back down from a run up North. I get told off by the wife if I forget!! LOL
Matt Rudolph, St Marys, NSW
I am fortunate enough to live just up the road from Wayne and I just love Rosco’s Ice Cream’s products. I often drop to top up whenever I know the family is coming up for the holidays. The grand children just love Rosco’s. So do I. Thank you Wayne for your delicious deserts. Marj & Sid M.
Marjorie McKinnon, Coolongolook
We travel to the Gold Coast from Melbourne every year for the V8 Supercars. We now travel home via the Pacific Hwy just so we can drop in and pick up a supply of Roscos Ice-cream at Coolongolook to bring back with us. Our kids wouldn’t let us come home without them, they are awesome.
Simon & Anne, Melbourne, VIC
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